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Greater Portmore St. Catherine
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Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide our students - through a time honored flexible curriculum, and highly trained academic, administrative, and support personnel teams - the opportunity to acquire a high school education of the best quality; in a clean, hospitable and wholesome environment thus enabling each student to achieve the matriculation requirements to continue their educational development and training well beyond these borders.

History Of The School
Greater Portmore High School is a public co-educational institution which is fully owned and funded by the government. The doors of this institution were first opened to the public on September 4, 1995. During the early years, it was categorized as a Comprehensive High School. In recent times however, it is commonly referred to as an upgraded high school.

The institution started out with 26 Teachers and approximately 800 students from grades 7-9. By the year 2000, the student population grew to approximately 1200 and a teaching staff of 60. Today the faculty has increased to 71 teachers having oversight responsibility for approximately 1500 students from grades 7-11. There is also a clear indication that the student body will grow in the years to come.

The curriculum offering covers a wide range, which embrace a careful balance amongst the Arts, Sciences and Technical subjects. Every student is given exposure to Information Technology. Some of the vocational subjects presently offered include Cosmetology, Food & Beverage, Home Economics, Clothing & Textiles, Building Technology, Electrical Technology, Visual Arts and Mechanically Technology.



A sincere and heartfelt welcome to you and your child to the Greater Portmore High School family. We anticipate a rich, cordial and  engaging relationship in which your child on graduating will be poised to add value to the international community,  and would have strive -through actions and deeds- to uphold the finest traditions of this noble institution.


It is worthwhile noting that your child is beginning secondary schooling at a time when tremendous and exciting changes are taking place in education. The buzz word today is “transformation” and your child will experience greater use of technological devices in the delivery of the subjects in the curriculum. The process of teaching and learning will also undergo changes. Schools now and tomorrow will require students to take greater control of what they learn while on the other hand teachers will serve more as facilitators and guides in the process of discovery. In short you are expected before too long to function more as an independent learner or as a part of a social group of explorers.


On the flipside of the rapid changes are greater levels of disobedience on the part of some students to school rules, authority figures including of course teachers and parents. You should understand from the outset that the exhibiting of responsible behaviour is a sure recipe for success.   It is important to choose your friends carefully and cultivate a sound backbone.


This school will provide you with absolutely no guarantees. We firmly believe that your success here will have a lot to do with how you apply yourself and the sustained assistance of your parents. You should never forget that the programme of work you are about to embark upon will be for five years. Stay the course; study hard and consistently and above all participate in as many extra –codal activities as possible. Clubs and societies are organized to help to fashion your character, attitudes and world view, you cannot afford to lose out in this area.


Again I congratulate you on your achievement thus far and wish for you laughter, cheers and pain in the days ahead.


Eric G. Scott

June 2008





It is indeed a tremendous pleasure to  welcome you to the Greater Portmore High School family. You can be assured that you have become a  vital partner in a great

institution with tremendous potential and one, which is going places.

The school is presently evolving from its

embryonic stage and is  gradually, on its way to becoming a well-established educational institution embarking on its second decade of service to the nation. 

As you join this organization, your child/ward should endeavour to encapsulate and take advantage of all which is being offered by the school, both in the academics and the co-curricular, so that ultimately they will become productive, dynamic and creative citizens. 

We solicit the full support of all parents and guardians, as we assist your children in achieving their goals and in so doing, add value to their present state of existence. 

It is with great anticipation that we look forward to working with you, as we continue to build a great institution which has been  growing from strength to strength illustrating the school’s motto  “Al alcance de honor y excelencia” In the pursuit of honour and excellence


May God continue to bless you all. 

Students of the Greater Portmore High School are prepared for certification by a munber of external examining bodies inclusive of CXC, G.C.E., NVQJ City Guild, S.S.C. and J.S.C.E.

Guest Speaker, to our students on February 12, 2007