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Jamaica Citrus Growers Limited      Overview of the operation     Dairy Farmers Milk
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    This company was established on August 10, 1990 as a limited Company. Its function is to provide certified citrus planting material to farmers at concessionary/ subsidised rates. in this respect, CDC owns and operates the island's largest citrus nursery operation on two sites in Bog Walk St. Catherine.
     We have commenced a Programme of diversification and will be increasing our production of other orchard plants, commencing with mangoes and avocadoes.

     The Company also owns and operates a 135 acre citrus farm.

The Present Staff complement of all three subsidiaries is approximately 195 employees, During the crop season another 40 contract workers are employed.

Taste the Quality - Naturally good

The Citrus Growers Association (CGA) was formed in 1944 and is operated along cooperative lines, with its membership comprising all commercial citrus growers in Jamaica who are registered members of CGA.
There are presently some 5,200 registered growers representing a vast majority of citrus farmers in the island.
The Citrus Growers Association owns three subsidiary Companies.

Jamaica Citrus Growers Limited

Jamaica Citrus Growers Limited was established as limited liability company on December 19, 1949 and has been engaged in the business of processing, packing and marketing of citrus products since 1951 and chilled beverages since 1962

The company's factory and main offices are located on ten acres of land near the town of Bog Walk, St, Catherine that is approximately 25 miles northwest of Kingston along the main road from Kingston to Ocho Rios on the north coast of the island.
The Company was established to provide an outlet for Citrus farmers to sell their surplus fruit in the height of the citrus bearing season.
The fruit is processed in frozen concentrate citrus juices that are sold on the local and international markets and also used by the company in the manufacturing of its own chilled beverage products.
The capacity for processing citrus fruit is approximately 60,000 field boxes per week (a box of orange of Ortanique contain 90 pounds of fruit and a box of grapefruit 80 pounds of fruit).
This level of capacity is more than adequate to process the fruit that is likely to become available. Due to the seasonal nature of citrus, processing is normally done during November to May of each year.
The major aspect of JCG Ltd's business operations is the conversion of raw material into saleable products, which includes chilled orange juice and eight other natural and artificial fruit flavored drinks which are sold under the Juciful brand name. The Company has recently developed a sub-brand of Juciful Called JOOSE
This is a juice/drink product with up to 70% fruit content and packed in 475 ml., 940ml. and 1.89 ml. screw top plastic battles.

Fresh milk and flavored milk products (Egg Nog, Peanut Punch, Cherry and Chocolate) are also produced and sold under the Dairy Farmers brand.

Juciful Squash
Juciful Squash is a shelf stable product, which is produced in three flavours - orange, grapefruit and lime, and is also sold under the Juciful brand.
Squash is manufactured by a local entity under a contract packaging arrangement.
Another recently developed regular and premium shelf - stable product is Bag-In-The-Box. The premium product is 100% fruit content - no sugar added.
There are presently four flavours - orange, fruit punch, pineapple and orange/pineapple. These products are positioned for the fast food outlets and hotels.

The pulp residue of the concentrate process, is put through a milling process and made into animal feed.

Citrus Growers Marketing Company Limited.
The Citrus Growers Marketing Company Limited (CGM) was established as a limited company on February 28, 2006 and is located on the JCG compound. This company is responsible for the sales, marketing and distribution of all the products manufactured by JCG Ltd. The company currently operates depot outlets at Newport West in Kingston; Bog Walk, St. Catherine and Montego Bay, St. James. From these depots, chilled drinks and milk products are marketed through independent distributors sales contractors and the company's sales representatives. Sales of frozen concentrate citrus juices are also done directly by the company.


JUCIFUL PREMIUM LINE - no sugar added        JUCIFUL PREMIUM(1L) Screw Cap      JOOSE (475ml)
JOOSE (940ml)          JUCIFUL – Carton Line         DAIRY – Carton Line         DAIRY– (475ml) Line  
DAIRY – (940) Line         JUCIFUL -  Squash

PREMIUM LINE - no sugar added


PREMIUM(1L) Screw Cap

JOOSE (475ml)


JOOSE (940ml)


Carton Line



Carton Line



(475ml) Line


(940) Line

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